ManyMonths ECO Kangaroo T-Shirt with Big Pocket

ManyMonths ECO Kangaroo T-Shirt with Big Pocket

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Kangaroo T-Shirt with Big Pocket

95% organic cotton / 5% elastane
Store your world in your pocket!

Everything is new to your child, and they learn it day by day, at every moment. They may like to bring home a beautiful stone, a little leaf, or maybe some candy to share with their friends. That's why our Kangaroo Shirt offers a large front pocket for them to store their favourite treasures.
All kids love pockets!

In a typical ManyMonths slow fashion way, this shirt will grow along with your child with a basic design and longer model. The coconut buttons on the openable head opening make it easy to take off or put on. 


  • Designed for play, allowing freedom of movement

  • different colours to choose from

  • 3 sizes are available for kids 1 - 7,5 years 

  • Huge pocket 

  • Openable head opening with coconut buttons 

  • Fully ribbed for stretch and growth 

  • Longer design for a longer time of use




ManyMonths clothes grow along with your child.

We offer this product in sizes:

Adventurer: 1-2/2.5 (~80-92/98)

Conqueror: 3-4,5/5 (~ 98-104/110)

Innovator: 5-7,5/7 (~110-122/128)