ManyMonths Woollies Reversible Beanie

ManyMonths Woollies Reversible Beanie

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Reversible classic beanie, with one side made of 100% natural merino wool and the other of 95% organic cotton/5% elastane
- Soft and comfortable, the seams between the layers
- Adjust the height simply by folding the hem on the longer models*
- Reverse to show the inside colour
- Two combination sizes, the bigger one fit some adults too

Charmer/Explorer: approx. 3-12/18 months
Adventurer/Conqueror: approx. 1-4,5/5 years

* Please note that the colours Sequoia Green, Saffron Yellow, Violet Lotus, Poppy Red, Moonlight Blue are shorter models, not to be worn folded. (but can be reversed)

Merino wool allows moisture to evaporate, reducing dampness, and aids the maintenance of optimal skin temperature. Lanolinising makes wool both water resistant and self-cleaning. Not even advanced modern technology can replicate the comfort, durability, softness and security that wool offers. 


Material: 100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for us. Lining 95% organic cotton/5% elastane.