ManyMonths Natural Woollies Dino Hoodie with Big Pocket UNiQUE

ManyMonths Natural Woollies Dino Hoodie with Big Pocket UNiQUE

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ManyMonths Natural Woollies Dino Hoodie

Discover the enchanting charm of our Natural Woollies Dino Hoodie, meticulously crafted to wrap your little one in the unparalleled warmth and comfort of pure merino wool. Designed with adventurous spirits in mind, this delightful hoodie is not just a garment; it's a cozy companion for your child's everyday explorations and make-believe escapades.

Product Features:

Luxurious 100% Merino Wool Rib: Delight in the soft, stretchy fabric that ensures your child stays snug without overheating. Merino wool is known for its exceptional quality and temperature-regulating properties, perfect for maintaining comfort in a range of environments.

Dinosaur-Inspired Design: Ignite your child's imagination with playful design elements that transform this hoodie into a prehistoric playmate. Featuring spikes adorning the hood and back, every detail is designed to encourage playful storytelling and creative play.

Functional Big Front Pocket: The spacious pocket at the front of the hoodie is not just a cozy refuge for little hands but also a practical space for treasures and trinkets collected during their daily adventures.

Foldable Cuffs: Grow with your child, thanks to the cleverly designed foldable cuffs that adapt to rapid growth spurts, ensuring this hoodie remains a favorite for longer.

"Tail" Tapered Hem: The fun doesn't end with the spikes; a creatively tapered hem at the back of the hoodie adds a "tail" feature that brings the dinosaur theme to life, offering an extra touch of magic to their outfit.

Care and Durability: Crafted with the resilient and easy-care nature of merino wool, this hoodie is easy to maintain with airing, ensuring it becomes a staple in your child's wardrobe.

Embark on a journey to the prehistoric playgrounds of the imagination with our enchanting Dino Hoodie. Every stitch of this hoodie whispers a tale of adventure, with its dinosaur-inspired design ready to spark joy in the heart of your little Explorer.

The soft caress of pure merino wool protects our children from the chill, while the breathable nature ensures all-day comfort. Our Dino Hoodie boasts playful spikes that travel from the crown of the hood down the back, culminating in a tapered hem that whimsically mirrors a dinosaur's tail. Practicality joins the fun with a large front pocket for all those must-have items and foldable cuffs to accommodate your growing Adventurer. Whether it’s a dash through the park or a quiet day at home, this hoodie is sure to be the go-to choice for comfort and fun.

Let your child's imagination soar in our ManyMonths Natural Woollies Dino Hoodie, where every day is an adventure waiting to happen.


Explorer/Adventurer, 1/2–2/2,5 years, 68–92/98 cm
Conqueror, 3–4,5/5 years, 98–104/110 cm
Innovator, 5–7/7,5 years, 110–122/128 cm


  • 100% merino wool in Expedition weight, approx. 380 gsm
  • Oeko-Tex 100, Class I certified non-mulesing merino wool rib
  • No superwash, no moth treatment, and safe dyes used
  • Dino Spikes: Polar fleece (~30% recycled)

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash or machine wash at a max. temperature of 30°C on a gentle wool cycle
  • When washing by hand, do not wring. Instead, press into a towel to remove excess water or machine spin at 400 rpm
  • Shape while damp and lay flat to dry
  • Do not tumble dry or bleach
  • We recommend airing wool garments outside to refresh them. It's unnecessary to wash after every use.
  • Use a detergent suitable for wool when washing your Natural Woollies, and let them rest between uses


  • Produced by a GOTS-certified manufacturer in China
  • Committed to fair working conditions, ethical practices, and ecological values
  • Partnership established in 2005, manufacturing Natural Woollies for us since 2007


  • Every item is designed in Finland by our head designer, Bettina Lindblom, a dedicated mother of three
  • Bettina is the founder of MaM Design/ManyMonths