ManyMonths Natural Woollies Dickie

ManyMonths Natural Woollies Dickie

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Wool dickie.

The ManyMonths Dickie doesn't have any special adjustments – it's made to be perfectly comfortable and well fitting without anything tugging or feeling too tight around even the most sensitive neck.
It's been cut fairly wide to allow for a lot of growth and wonderful ease of use. Son/daughter and mum in matching dickeys, and no messed hair or spread-out makeup. A lovely turtleneck to use for all kinds activities in the cold season. Also a kindergarten favourite! The collar is made of double layers of fabric.

Material: Made of 100% high-quality non-scratchy merino wool rib. The new production 2017/2018 has been awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

 Please note that, unlike the pictures, the colours Green Leaf, Heaven Blue, Wild Pink, Almond Chocolate and Purple Peace are rectangular.