ManyMonths Magic Potty Sticker

ManyMonths Magic Potty Sticker

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ManyMonths Magic Potty Sticker - Immediate Positive Feedback

An exciting, yet simple and effective way to potty train. Fun and easy to use – developed by a mother of six.

This is how it works:

1) Apply a ManyMonths® Magic Sticker to the bottom of the potty, wait for the pee, and enjoy the magic! The sticker is black at first.

2) When the pee comes the chosen drawing becomes visible and encourages potty use. The sticker stays clear long enough for your child to rise from the potty and be happy with the result.

3) Rinse and let dry. The sticker drawing then fades into black again, until the next pee. Magic!

Immediate positive feedback and to a very low cost. The ManyMonths® Magic Potty Sticker usually stays good for about 12 weeks. Made in the UK.

Further ideas:

  • Apply to the wall of the toilet bowl for boys to aim at. 
  • Use in different kinds of water play (buy extra stickers for this).