ManyMonths ECO Hempies Dragon Hat UNIQUE

ManyMonths ECO Hempies Dragon Hat UNIQUE

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Dragon Hat with Long Tail

Material: ECO Jersey 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton (medium weight)

This wonderful Dragon Hat fits well on the head and has a lovely long tail. Size adjustment in the neck part. Generous sizing.

This cool beanie won't break while playing - comfortable to wear during colder days, at playgrounds, and even at home during imaginary play. A lovely present to bring to playdates as well. The Hempies natural anti-bacterial properties are especially great when playing in groups. Good UV-protection as well.

All ManyMonths products are designed to grow with your child. This has been taken into account in the design of the garments. Clever adjustments give the garments a good fit. 



Explorer/Adventurer, head circumference up to about 52 cm
Conqueror/Innovator, head circumference up to about 56 cm

We exclusively use safe Oeko-Tex 100 certified dyes. 

Designed in Finland by Bettina Lindblom, assistant Tiina Juusela


ManyMonths ECO Hempies

In addition to ManyMonths Natural Woollies we offer ECO Hempies clothing that has similar growing-with-your-children features as the Woollies.

Benefits of Hemp Clothing

We combine hemp with organic cotton in all our ManyMonths ECO Hempies (55% hemp/organic cotton 45%). The woven items are lightweight linen fabric and the knitted items are light or medium weight jerseys.
Our hemp blend fabrics are pre-washed twice to avoid shrinkage and make the clothing ready to wear straight out of the package.
Like wool, hemp can absorb quite a lot of humidity (up to 20% of its own weight) and keep feeling dry to the touch. Our ManyMonths ECO Hempies are highly breathable and feel cool in the summer heat.

Hemp itself is UV-resistant and has antimicrobial properties — clothing made of it also carries these properties. This means that hemp fabric naturally holds out against microbes and can repress the growth of bacteria. Your clothing stays fresh longer and you can opt to wash them less often than other clothing, which is better for the environment as it saves both water and energy. Hemp clothing doesn't mind washing though — actually, your pieces become even softer with every wash!



  • Durable: long strong fiber structure (10 times stronger than cotton)

  • Breathable and less likely to absorb odors

  • can absorb up to 20% of its weight and still feels dry to touch

  • Keeps its shape well

  • Naturally UV-resistant. 

  • Naturally antibacterial

  • One of the fastest growing crops

  • Multiple harvests per year possible

  • Grows twice as fast as cotton

  • Cultivation is environmentally friendly: little to no fertilizer required


Q&A: Why do you include dino, puppy, bug etc. clothing in your collections?

Our head designer Bettina Lindblom has a background in developmental and social psychology and education. She believes in giving the everyday a silver lining by introducing a bit of fairy tale into ordinary situations. When stepping into a Dino Cape perspective taking is learned, diversity awareness grow, new vocabulary and different worlds are creatively explored through the role of being a dragon, a huge dinosaur, a soaring falcon... which also helps with gross motor skill development. Creative self-expression and thinking occur and expressing emotions is further developed and tried out. Being a puppy you can come sit in the lap to be petted, you can go around smelling everything and eat from the hand, and try to drink just with the tongue...

Actual costume clothing is usually not made for extended use and the materials are not proved to be safe and without harmful chemicals. During more than a decade of ManyMonths we have learned that some of the UNiQUE items have become dear favourites for many children. Let's approach life with a smile, and acknowledge the very important role of play!