ManyMonths ECO Hempies Adjustable Zip Vest/Jacket

ManyMonths ECO Hempies Adjustable Zip Vest/Jacket

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Adjustable Zip Vest/ Jacket with Detachable Sleeves

The ManyMonths ECO Zip Jacket has removable sleeves, a durable YKK-zipper and small tabs at the waist that fold back to adjust the width. 

There is a rib at the hem for a relaxed style. The upper part of the zipper is covered to avoid pinching. Roomy pockets. Designed to become an everyday favourite always to bring along.

Wear as a short sleeve vest in the sunshine and add the sleeves at sunset, or when a fog rolls in - without any toddler drama! The sleeve ends have long, foldable cuffs that grow with your child. Buy another colour for more variability, and Mix&Match fun.


Explorer 6-12/18 months (68-80/86 cm)
Adventurer 1-2/2,5 years (80-92/98 cm)
Conqueror 3-4,5/5 years  (98-104/110 cm)

Material: ECO Jersey: 55% hemp/45% ORGANIC cotton jersey 
Ribbed parts: 95% ORGANIC cotton/5% elastane

Benefits of hemp fabric:

  • Very breathable and quick drying. 

  • Hemp feels cool in the summer heat, yet during cool weather, air which is trapped in the fibres is warmed by the body, making it naturally warm. 

  • Hemp fabric looks good - it has a beautiful natural lustre and drape + a somewhat uneven surface. 

  • Naturally antibacterial 

  • Natural UV protection, lab tested


We exclusively use safe Oeko-Tex 100 certified dyes.

Designed in Finland by Bettina Lindblom

Why have we chosen hemp fabric for our clothes?

The hemp fibre is porous, which means that it breathes very well and feels wonderfully cool in the summer. Still, it is considered to be about ten times stronger than cotton, and thus tends to be much more durable in use. Hemp clothing softens perfectly in use, so these garments quickly become favourites we don’t want to take off at all.


The hemp crop doesn’t need herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or even fertilizers to grow, making its cultivation environmentally friendly and the clothing naturally safe to use.