ManyMonths Adjustable Summer Flower Hat UNiQUE

ManyMonths Adjustable Summer Flower Hat UNiQUE

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Adjustable Flower Summer Hat in Hemp/Organic Cotton

The ManyMonths Summer Hat protects the child's delicate skin from harmful rays of the sun – and it looks great too.

In the design we’ve taken into account that not only the head, but also the forehead, ears and neck need protection, and thus the ManyMonths hat has a much larger brim than other common summer hats. Our summer hats have many familiar ManyMonths features allowing for many months, even years of use:

  • Head circumference is adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Can be tied under the chin (two smaller sizes)
  • The brims have good-looking and durable bindings
  • Every hat has a beautiful coconut button in front, which enables the front brim to be lifted up when needed (for example during a picnic in the meadow)
  • Combo-sizes allow for an even longer time of use: Charmer/Explorer, Adventurer/Conqueror and Innovator & Beyond. The smallest size fits a baby just a few weeks of age and  the biggest size is even suitable for many mums

If your child feels the hat to be tight, please remove the adjustable elastic. The hat will soften and expand somewhat in use. Liquid detergent is recommended.

Jasmin - natural
Helenium - orange/red
Gerbera - natural/pink
Daisy - orange/natural

How to choose the size according to head circumference:
Charmer/Explorer            42-46 cm
Adventurer/Conqueror   46-52 cm
Innovator & Beyond        52-55 cm (even 56/57 cm)

Material: 55% hemp/45% organic cotton

Hemp is a breathable material that feels cool, making it ideal for summer weather. The ManyMonths hats are prewashed and soft, and can thus be used even during daytime naps. 

Why choose a protective hat for your child?
It is common that children receive 50% of the entire life-term UV dose during childhood. The child's sensitive skin burns more easily than the skin of adults. Depending on skin type, already 5-40 minutes in the sun can cause sunburns. Our skin never forgets the childhood burns and it may later even lead to skin cancer. The children themselves cannot ensure adequate protection, it has to be the adult’s task.

Why we have chosen hemp fabric for the summer hat?
The hemp fibre is porous, which means that it breathes very well and feels wonderfully cool in the summer. Still, it is considered to be about ten times stronger than cotton, and thus tends to be much more durable in use. Hemp clothing softens perfectly in use, so these garments quickly become favourites we don’t want to take off at all.

The hemp crop doesn’t need herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or even fertilizers to grow, so it is cultivation is environmentally friendly and the clothing naturally safe to use.