MaM/ManyMonths Natural Woollies Long Fingerless Mittens

MaM/ManyMonths Natural Woollies Long Fingerless Mittens

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MaM Design Natural Woollies Fingerless Mittens: A consistent favorite and bestseller year after year, these mittens offer the perfect fusion of style and lasting quality. Ideal for women and teens, they cater to a myriad of needs—from navigating a smartphone outdoors to typing indoors.

When winter's chill intensifies during outdoor escapades, you can easily layer gloves on top for added warmth. Tailored for a snug fit, the ribbed design offers full wrist coverage. These mittens are meticulously crafted from soft and stretchy merino wool rib for the best comfort.

Adaptable across all seasons, the mitts smartly react to varying temperatures and conditions. The bonus? With Woollies' inherent anti-bacterial traits, they usually only require a quick airing out, bypassing frequent washes. Upgrade your daily essentials with these multi-functional mittens!

Consider also giving Fingerless Mittens as a thoughtful gift to a friend.


  • 100% merino wool in Expedition weight, approx. 380 gsm
  • Oeko-Tex 100, Class I certified non-mulesing merino wool rib
  • No superwash, no moth treatment, and safe dyes used

Care Instructions
  • Hand wash or machine wash at a max. temperature of 30°C on a gentle wool cycle
  • When washing by hand, do not wring. Instead, press into a towel to remove excess water or machine spin at 400 rpm
  • Shape while damp and lay flat to dry
  • Do not tumble dry or bleach
  • We recommend airing wool garments outside to refresh them. It's unnecessary to wash after every use.
  • Use a detergent suitable for wool when washing your Natural Woollies, and let them rest between uses

  • Produced by a GOTS-certified manufacturer in China
  • Committed to fair working conditions, ethical practices, and ecological values
  • Partnership established in 2005, manufacturing Natural Woollies for us since 2007

  • Every item is designed in Finland by our head designer, Bettina Lindblom, a dedicated mother of three
  • Bettina is the founder of MaM Design/ManyMonths

MaM & MaD Collection by MaM Design:
Embracing Natural Family Woollies

While the ManyMonths collection continues to be a beloved choice, MaMidea proudly presents the MaM & MaD collection, extending the best of nature's offerings to the entire family. If it's ideal for our children, then it surely stands to be ideal for us as well.

What's Special about MaM & MaD Woollies?

Our Natural Family Woollies are crafted from 100% pure merino wool. No mulesing, no superwash, not moth chemicals. The beauty of these natural fibres is their innate memory. They possess a distinctive elasticity, returning to their original shape after a mere day of airing. The resilience of merino fibres is notable; they can be bent approximately 20,000 times and yet retain their form impressively over time—even around sleeves and the tummy area post-pregnancy. Furthermore, Natural Woollies provide exceptional odour control, an especially beneficial feature for active teens and adults.

Unveiling the Magic of Wool
  • Efficient moisture-wicking, absorbing up to 35% of its weight.
  • Naturally antistatic and UV-resistant.
  • Inherently flame-resistant.
  • Maintains shape brilliantly.
  • Offers breathability and thermoregulation.
  • Less frequent washing needed; simple airing often suffices.
  • Less prone to odour absorption.

Why Choose MaM & MaD Woollies?

Natural Woollies stand out due to the extraordinary properties of merino wool fibres. These active fibres adapt to body temperature changes, with tiny pockets of air within and between them ensuring effective insulation against cold. However, when the body heats up, these Woollies promptly release excess heat and moisture. The year-round thermoregulation that pure merino wool provides is both practical and outstanding.

In summary, our merino Woollies offers:

  • Insulation against both cold and warmth.
  • Breathability and UV protection.
  • Antistatic properties and flame resistance.
  • Warmth without added bulk.
  • Vibrant color representation and a snug fit.
  • OekoTex 100, Class I certification—ensuring a chemical-free, natural, and sustainable product.

Embrace the benefits of nature with the MaM & MaD Woollies collection. Your choice, rooted in sustainability and unmatched comfort.