MaM/MaD Natural Woollies Neck Tube Scarf

MaM/MaD Natural Woollies Neck Tube Scarf

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MaM & MaD Natural Woollies Neck Tube Scarf

Neck Tube Scarf

Our Neck Tube Scarf can be transformed to suit many different needs. It can be used as a hat, scarf and collar. One of the hems has an opening where you can add an elastic band if needed.

Combine with our other woollies, mix & match to create your own style. 


One size


Made of wonderfully soft and stretchy merino wool (100%) that does not itch. Perfect for every season. Unique in the way it resists changing temperatures and environmental changes, keeping the body temperature constant. Wool is naturally antibacterial and doesn't need to be washed as often as other garments, just airing will do - very practical! 


Product Information

Size: one-size: 27 x 34 cm

Made in China

Made by a GOTS certified manufacturer in fair working conditions, respecting ethical and ecological values.

Material: rib-knit 100% merino wool

Oeko-tex 100 certified non-mulesing merino wool. No superwash, no moth treatment, safe dyes.

Washing Instructions: Machine washable, max 30°C with gentle wool cycle

We recommend airing outside in fresh air for wool garments. Wool items do not need to be washed after every use. Wash your Natural Woollies with wool/natural detergent. No bleach, no tumble dry.


MaM  & MaD

In addition to the ManyMonths collection, MaMidea also offers the MaM & MaD collection. We believe what is best for children, is also best for us too. Our Family Woollies are made of 100% pure, natural merino wool. These fibres have a memory, are particularly elastic and spring back to shape just by airing/resting them for about a day. Natural merino fibres will bend some 20 000 times and still keep their shape pretty great from month to month and even years - around the sleeves too, even if you tend to roll them up and at the tummy even after pregnancy. For teens and adults odour control is another wonderful benefit of Natural Woollies.


  • Wool wicks moisture away from the skin (absorbing up to 35% of its own weight)

  • Antistatic properties

  • Naturally flame-resistant

  • Keeps its shape well

  • Naturally UV-resistant

  • Naturally antibacterial

  • Breathable

  • Thermoregulating

  • Less laundry (airing is usually enough when not stained)

  • Less likely to absorb odours


MaM & MaD Woollies - This is Why!

Natural Woollies are an answer as merino wool fibres are amazing, active fibres that react to body temperature changes. There are tiny pockets of air within and between the merino fibres. This air does insulate us and our children from the cold. When our bodies get too warm, Natural Woollies will release heat and moisture. The thermoregulation that pure merino wool offers is functional and wonderful all year round. To recap some of the beautiful benefits of merino wool: good insulation from both cold and heat, breathability, UV-protection, antistatic properties, fire resistance, superb warmth without bulk, beautiful colour rendering, perfect fit, and all of it OekoTex 100, class I certified, completely safe without chemicals, naturally and sustainably.