Ki ET LA sunglasses LITTLE KIDS 1-2 years

Ki ET LA sunglasses LITTLE KIDS 1-2 years

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Welcome the new kid in the Ki ET LA town the LITTLE KIDS (1-2 years) sunglasses. Available in a round ROZZ or a butterfly BUZZ frame. Basically, the LITTLE KIDS combine JOKAKI (12-30 months) and JOKALA (2-4 years) sunglasses by Ki ET LA, but the LITTLE KIDS sunglasses look the same in both sizes 1-2 and 2-4 years.

The LITTLE KIDS are extra light and made from recyclable soft-touch plastic which allow arms to flex up to 180 degrees without breaking.


The very thin arms bring no pressure on the ears and comfort is key to getting small children to wear sunglasses. Due to the included adjustable strap, these trendy sunglasses won’t get lost while playing. These sunglasses are safe too, since they don’t have any small parts which could end up in a child’s mouth.


New feature: The Anti-Blue Light Filter reduces glare and filters the blue light coming from tablet, laptop and mobile phone screens.


Ki ET LA’s sunglasses are designed to offer an excellent fit throughout the childhood. One size cannot do the trick, thus there are three sizes optimized for the years 0-4: DIABOLA 2.0 0-1 years, LITTLE KIDS 1-2 years and LITTLE KIDS 2-4 years in trendy styles and fabulous colours.


Maximum protection by Ki ET LA

  • Category 3 polycarbonate lenses
  • 100% UV filter + anti-blue light filter
  • Height of the lenses approx. 3 cm
  • Note: the original lenses can be replaced by corrective optical lenses