Ki ET LA sunglasses LION (2-4 years)

Ki ET LA sunglasses LION (2-4 years)

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Sunglasses for 2-4 years old.

Ki ET LA Sunglasses - 100% UV protection, especially designed and made for children, trendy and environmentally friendly. This model is the second one to be 'made in France'

Ki ET LA sunglasses are designed by a designer specializing in frames for children:
A child's face changes a lot during the first six years. These sunglasses are designed to offer an excellent fit throughout the first period of life. One size cannot do the trick, thus there are four sizes optimized for the years 0-6.  

The frames are light, 100% unbreakable, made of shatter-resistant hypo-allergenic elastomer  

Maximum Protection

·      Category 3 high quality polycarbonate mirror lenses ·      100% UV filter + anti-blue light filter ·       Unbreakable, one piece injected frame ·      lenses can be replaced with corrective optical lenses ·      The height of the lenses is over 30 mm, which guarantees a better protection for the eyes when viewing upwards (very common for children).


Ki ET LA is a true pioneer in safety

  • Very resistant lenses and frames

  • No loose small parts that the baby/child can get into his/her mouth


Comfort is the key - how small children agree to use sunglasses

  • Extra light, soft touch ergonomic frame

  • Thin frame do not press on the child's ears or nose

  • Keeps in place on the go with a removable and adjustable strap


Environmentally friendly - taken into account throughout

  • Frames 100% recyclable