Heitmann Felle Small Cosy Toes

Heitmann Felle Small Cosy Toes

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Keep your baby warm in a car seat, pram, or buggy - fast and easy!

This sleeping bag for baby is one of the most time-saving and practical "babygear" you could ever buy.

  • In the soft sleeping bag baby keeps warm – in a safety seat, pram, buggy, or even in a sled
  • An ideal product for Nordic circumstances through the whole cold season, from late autumn to late spring
  • The uppper part of the bag can be tightened with a stretchy cord to shelter baby even better from wind and snow
  • accommodates a 5-point harness and a sleeping baby can be moved in his bag from one place to another without any hassle
  • Suitable for babies from birth to around one year of age
  • Machine washable

Material: The shell is wind- and water resistant nylon/fleece, inside soft fleece, warm quilting.