Babyidea Natural Wool Fleece Blanket

Babyidea Natural Wool Fleece Blanket

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Small: ca 57x73 cm
Large: approx. 73x115cm

Made for a better sleep – Babyidea Natural Wool Fleece Blanket

The wonderful qualities of natural wool are perfect for your baby. This wool fleece blanket will be breathable and absorbs moisture without feeling wet. It feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
The blanket is very soft and made of a fine quality of merino wool that isn’t scratchy.


The Babyidea Blanket offers natural warmth and is excellent as a breathable bed/sleeping area/pram protection for your child.

This Wool Fleece Blanket can be used in the bed/pram as a breathable protection pad, inside a duvet cover for warmth, as a sheet, for swaddling, on the floor as a changing pad or play mat, and in the family bed when breastfeeding or when diapers leak, in addition to usual blanket use.

Choose the size according to preferred use.

Wool is naturally a fire retardant material. The blanket is also suitable for use in the car.

Two sizes for different needs: small approx. 57 x 73 cm and large approx. 73 x 115 cm.


Material: 97% natural merino wool and 3% nylon for added durability.






Care: Wash in cold water, by hand or on a gentle cycle, with a mild, liquid detergent or baby shampoo. Regular treatment with lanolin (wool cure) will enhance the special qualities of the blanket and keep it wonderfully soft and hygienic.