Babyidea Hour Extra Aplix

Babyidea Hour Extra Aplix

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Fitted Diaper with Hook&Loop Closure


Fitted Diaper with Hook&Loop Closure

Great for both your baby and the nature – with hemp, certified organic cotton and bamboo

  • Extremely absorbent
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Quick and easy
  • Length of the diapers can easily be adjusted
  • Detachable doubler included with the diaper
  • Perfect for night use
  • Finnish moms and babies have taken part in development and testing of the diapers
  • The diapers are unbleached and prewashed
  • Combo size L/XL

The Babyidea Hemp Hour Extra diapers are made of hemp/organic cotton and bamboo fleece. All Extra diapers suit newborns just as well as 3-year-old toddlers. Hemp/bamboo diapers are extremely absorbent, naturally anti-bacterial and durable.
The Hemp Hour Extra diapers are perfect for napping and night use. Every diaper comes with an integrated absorbent pad, which can be folded in front for boys and also removed if needed. The button holes have been made tight. Lift the inner fabric to create a pocket for the button when putting the pad in place.

The length of the diapers can easily be adjusted with small D-rings according to the size of the child. The width is adjusted with a practical hook and loop closure to provide a good fit. Innovative fold back tabs between the fabric layers - no tangling in the wash, nor scratchy loops tabs on sensitive baby skin.

Innovation patented solutions.  

"Hemp has been used by humans for over 6000 years. It is the strongest natural textile. Hemp is a non-polluting crop
that improves the health of the soil it is grown in."

Material: 55% hemp/45% organic cotton and 100% bamboo viscose fleece. The shell of Persimmon/Natural and Pear Stripe/Natural is 100% organic cotton.

Bamboo can grow as much as one meter over a night! It is 100% biodegradeable in soil by microorganisms and sunshine. The decomposition process doesn't cause any pollution to the environment.