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Ki ET LA sunglasses JOKALA  29,95€ 

Ki ET LA Sunglasses - 100% UV protection, especially designed and made ​​for children, trendy and environmentally friendly.

All models designed by a designer specializing in frames for children: A child's face changes a lot during the first four years. These sunglasses are designed to offer an excellent fit throughout the first period of life. One size cannot do the trick, thus there are three sizes optimized for the years 0-4.  

The frames are light, 100% unbreakable & flexible, made of shatter-resistant hypo-allergenic elastomer and can be freely twisted (see picture). 

4 different models: DIABOLA (0-18 month olds), JOKAKI (for 1-2,5 year olds), JOKALA (for 2-4 year olds) and JOKAKIDS (for 4-6 year olds) - trendy styles with a choice of 15 colours. Always includes removable and adjustable head strap.

Maximum Protection

  • High-quality polycarbonate unbreakable & anti-scratch lenses (works for prescription lenses too)
  • Category 4 lenses (also suitable for beach & skiing), highest category of protection
  • The height of the lenses is over 30 mm, which guarantees a better protection for the eyes when viewing upwards (very common for children).

Ki ET LA is a true pioneer in safety

  • Very resistant lenses and frames
  • No loose small parts that the baby/child can get into his/her mouth

Comfort is the key - how small children agree to use sunglasses

  • Very light and soft frame
  • Thin frame do not press on the child's ears
  • Keeps in place on the go with a removable and adjustable strap

Environmentally friendly - taken into account throughout

  • Frames 100% recyclable

Ki ET LA is a new baby care brand. Trendy, accessible and originally founded in October 2010 by three 27 year old friends from Nantes in France with the aim of offering products answering to the highest expectations of parents.

Guided by its dragonflower symbol Ki ET LA was officially introduced in March 2011 on both the French and global market with its first essential care product: the full-protection sunglasses.



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