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O child! O new-born denizen
Of life's great city! on thy head
The glory of the morn is shed,
Like a celestial benison!
Here at the portal thou dost stand,
And with thy little hand
Thou openest the mysterious gate
Into the future's undiscovered land.

-- H. Wadsworth Longfellow, To a Child

MaM Design (Babyidea Ltd.) stands for Mummy-and-Me Design. MaM is by mums for mums and our cherished babies and children. We are a family owned company concentrating on manufacturing and marketing products designed by ourselves and other parents, cooperating with small companies around the globe. Innovative, versatile and comfortable products is where our passion lies. Products we want to use and wear ourselves. Beauty not forgotten. Ecology given high priority.

Our first steps were taken a decade ago when Bettina's oldest son was born, and she was on maternity leave from her university teacher profession. At the time stretchy wrap slings were totally unheard of in Europe, babywearing garments were something really exotic (the most dedicated knew about the Inuits with their traditional bighooded parkas) and cloth diapers were mostly flat foldables that made babies look like cute little cherubs. A lot has happened during these exciting years since the millennium shift. And we feel proud knowing that we've been stepping along on the wonderful path of development.

MaM Design has grown with our children and the size of the family from a few cardboard boxes of storage acting as playing tables in the bedroom to a 500 m2 own office/warehouse in the metropolitan Helsinki area. And now we have a knowledgeable team of staff who is at your service in several languages, in addition to dedicated distributors and retailers all over Europe and soon also (finally!) in North America. Not everything has changed, however, our main focus is still on products supporting natural parenting solutions, new innovations and a green(er) world for us all to find joy within.

Read more about us and our production by clicking on the Design & Production tab.

We are committed to ongoing product development, and excited about feedback. Stay in contact! Express your wishes. Let us know about ideas for cooperation. Feel free to use email info@mamidea.com, our contact form or just pick up the phone and call (office phone +358-(0)9-41108520).

Bettina Lindblom
Managing director, designer

Heli Hannele Noponen, helihannele(at)babyidea.fi
Office manager, financial matters
Heli Lankinen, info(at)mamidea.com
Domestic wholesale, purchase orders, customer service
Noora Kokkonen, wholesale(at)mamidea.com
International wholesale, customer service
Tiina Juusela, sales(at)babyidea.fi
Sales and marketing, distributor and retail network coordination
Riikka Käkelä-Rantalainen
Web design and marketing (part time)

Reclamations, feedback(at)mamidea.com

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