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MaM MultiTube Hemp  23,95€ 

Maternity garment AND a nursing top in one - it even works as a skirt!

  • Adjustable and elastic upper hem
  • Eye-catching ancient prints with a meaning 
  • Combo sizes S/M and L/XL

Wear on top of unbuttoned jeans for the comfort of your growing tummy during pregnancy. Pull up above your breasts to use as a nursing top covering your belly and back either underneath another top or as it is. Combine also with MaM Nursing Shirts with matching colours.

Choose your favourite ancient symbolic print

Connect with women living a thousand years ago by choosing a MultiTube with this beautiful Old Norse brooch design – Interlaced. It was believed that a person, who had the skill of making beautiful braids, could also control birth and death. Following the path of the braid closely you may see your own future.

A beautiful ancient Mehndi flower design used at weddings and births in henna body painting thought to bring good fortune.

Nordic women have always been treated with respect. Embellishments were much loved and carved into wood. Among the favourites were bird forms; water birds for symbolizing new life and peacocks as symbols of immortality. Different plants were also used to represent life energy and the life cycle. Tree of Life is an ancient Scandinavian decorative design dating back to the 7-12th centuries A.D.

A traditional Slavic sun motif that has been used by folk artists to decorate eggs. Sun motifs were used to represent life, warmth and the love of God. The eggs symbolized the release from the shackles of winter and the upcoming spring promising new hope, new life and prosperity. Eggs still hold an important place in Ukraine as symbols of fertility and the legend says that as long as pysanky (eggs) are decorated the good will prevail in the world.

The Pomegranate is a traditional symbol of fertility, abundance and good luck, used widely around the world. This eye-catching apple of love has been painted in Scandinavian folk art on china, furniture, walls and wooden dinnerware.

Material: Made of hemp/organic cotton rib with a slight amount of elastane for a perfect fit.


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