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ManyMonths Summer MultiCap  21,95€ 

Our newest design has multiple functions, like ManyMonths items usually. The MultiCap looks like a legionnaire hat 
and can be used as a normal, soft cap or with the legionnaire part attached with gorgeous coconut buttons. The visor
in the front protects from bright sunlight and the legionnaire part is long enough to cover the neck and wide enough
to cover the child's ears as well. The legionnaire part is made of hemp/organic cotton jersey and elasticated, which 
offers a great fit and makes is soft and lovely in everyday use. Very trendy vintage feel.

Combo-sizes allow for an even longer time of use:
MultiCap in sizes Charmer-Adventurer (ca 43 - 52 cm) and Adventurer&Beyond (ca 47 - 57 cm)

The smallest size fits a baby just a few weeks of age and the biggest size is even suitable for many mums.

Colours :
Red Emperor/Loganberry, Silver Blue/Blue Harmony, Natural, Tangerine/Golden Oak, Tangerine/Loganberry, Scuba Blue/Blue Harmony,
Scuba Blue/Golden Oak. 
New clolours: 
 Sky Blue, Turqouise 

Materials: 100% linen, 55% hemp/45 % organic cotton or 100 % hemp depending on the colour. 

Available Options:
The winner for the 4000 Anniversary and GiveAway
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