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Organic Cotton MerinoWool Hemp
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ManyMonths ECO Hempies Long/ Short Yoga Trousers, Inno, Enth  29,95€ 

 Supreme comfort and equipped with generous knee patches for extra durability.  
From early morning throughout the day until chilly evenings, from pants to shorts in no time, and comes with long ribs for growth spurts.
Buy both colours and make your own combo.
ECO Jersey: 55% hemp/45% ORGANIC cotton jersey fabric 

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The winner for the 4000 Anniversary and GiveAway
Babywearing covers and coats
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Wonder-Full Cards -collection
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01.ManyMonths Adjustable Summer Hat
02.ManyMonths ECO Hemp Vogue Bandana Scarf
03.ManyMonths Summer MultiCap
04.ManyMonths ECO Hemp Vogue Baby Mitts
05.ManyMonths ECO Unisex Leggings
06.ManyMonths and MaM Floppy Wide Brim Summer Hat
07.ManyMonths Adjustable Summer Hat with Bow UNIQUE
08.ManyMonths ECO Hempies Long/ Short Sleeve Body/ Top
09.ManyMonths ECO Hempies Adjustable Kangaroo Trousers
10.ManyMonths ECO Hempies Long/ Short Yoga Trousers, Adv, Conq
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ManyMonths ECO Hempies Summer Multicap
ManyMonths ECO Hempies Summer Multicap
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