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Ennea MotherHood Essentials Outerwear Shirts and Tops Trousers and Skirts Underwear Support Belts and Belly Tops Accessories Outlet
Ennea MotherHood Essentials
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Ennea MotherHood Essentials

Buy Ennea clothing already when planning your pregnancy and see the garments fit through the entire exciting time of motherhood, even for breastfeeding. Get all the essentials from one place without having to figure out the details, knowing that this is exactly what you’ll need. Designed for office and spare time, for city and home, parties and your own couch. Combine with the fashion accessories of your ordinary wardrobe or just flowers in your hair and a pair of beautiful shoes.
All the MaM® Ennea garments are made of the most wonderful earth-friendly materials: organic cotton, luxury bamboo viscose and woven hemp, adding a touch of spandex for the right amount of stretch. They can be worn from pre- to post-pregnancy throughout the time of breastfeeding and they are machine washable.
The MaM® Ennea MotherHood collection was designed in Scandinavia by Bettina Lindblom while pregnant and nursing her 3rd child. Manufactured in China by a GOTS-certified sewing facility – a forerunner placing special emphasis on ethics, safety and welfare in both the workplace and the world at large.


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 MaM Ennea Capri Low-Rise Leggings  MaM Ennea Capri Low-Rise Leggings  26,95 

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 MaM Ennea Empire Top  MaM Ennea Empire Top  39,95 

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 MaM Ennea Hemp MultiPants  MaM Ennea Hemp MultiPants  69,95 

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 MaM Ennea Hemp Tunic Dress  MaM Ennea Hemp Tunic Dress  39,95 

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 MaM Ennea Long Sleeve Wrap Top  MaM Ennea Long Sleeve Wrap Top  39,95 

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 MaM Ennea Soft Pants  MaM Ennea Soft Pants  54,95 

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 MaM Ennea Three-Quarter Sleeve Dress  MaM Ennea Three-Quarter Sleeve Dress  49,95 

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 MaM Ennea Wrap-Style Skirt  MaM Ennea Wrap-Style Skirt  49,95 

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 MaM Motherhood Woollies Tunic  MaM Motherhood Woollies Tunic

Merinowool Tunic

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 MaM Natural Woollies All-Time Leggings  MaM Natural Woollies All-Time Leggings

Merinowool leggings

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01.MaM Motherhood Woollies Tunic
02.MaM Natural Woollies All-Time Leggings
03.MaM Ennea Three-Quarter Sleeve Dress
04.MaM Ennea Capri Low-Rise Leggings
05.MaM Ennea Wrap-Style Skirt
06.MaM Ennea Long Sleeve Wrap Top
07.MaM Ennea Empire Top
08.MaM Ennea Soft Pants
09.MaM Ennea Hemp MultiPants
10.MaM Ennea Hemp Tunic Dress
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