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Carriwell Seamless Padded Nursing Bra  35,99€  28,00€ 

Inspired by their awarded and very popular seamless drop cup nursing bras, Carriwell has designed a new lightly padded nursing bra. This bra has all the qualities of a seamless nursing bra combined with easily detachable pads. 

Carriwell has designed this bra for mothers who want more support and shape for their breasts along with style, comfort, quality, fit and practicality.

The basis of the design of this bra is to allow as much skin-to-skin contact with mother and baby.

Detachable, light pads

  • Function as extra protection against possible leaks.    
  • Cover up nipples that have gotten darker during the pregnancy.
  • Improve the sape of the breast and the fit of the bra with t-shirts and form fitting tops.
  •  Provide support for heavy breasts by reducing stretching of the cups.

Seamless model

  •  Provides gentle support for sensitive and transforming breasts. Perfect for day and night time use. 
  • Soft cups.
  • Strechy, silky soft and breathable microfiber changes shape according to your body.
  • Comes with a free bra extender that can be attached to adjust the back measure of the bra.
  • Wider straps that provide more support.
  • Easy wash and care.

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