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Carriwell Seamless Maternity Light Support Top  29,99€ 

This stylish and functional top, designed specifically for pregnancy, is an all-in-one pregnancy support band and fashionable top that has both therapeutic and cosmetic appeal.

  • Gently lifts weight off the pelvis
  • Great for everyday use and or exercise
  • The fabric allows superior stretch while cleverly supporting targeted areas
  • Improves posture by supporting the abdomen which results in reduced backache
  • There are no under wires, clips, hooks or velcro which may pinch or restrict circulation
  • The low cut front gives a sensual look and feel improving expectant mom's confidence

Sister Lilian: "A non-medicinal comfortable solution to reduce ligament pain, back ache and abdominal pressure during pregnancy".

Material: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane.



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