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MaM Äiskä Babywearing Poncho, wool/cotton (Öko-Tex)  199,45€ 

Covers you and your baby while using the carrier of your choice.


  • for pregnancy and to carry a child in a baby carrier or in a sling
  • to carry children on the front or back side
  • suitable for layering
  • specifically designed, long-term garment for women
  • trendy and elegant

The Äiskä is trendy and chic, yet timeless and practical. Use it when you are pregnant and for years to come. Carry your child in a sling or carrier on front or back and enjoy exceptional freedom. Great for layering, which makes the Äiskä suitable from autumn to spring. Finnish Design by Bettina Lindblom.

Poncho includes a scarf that can be used individually or as a head reast for a child.

When using the poncho while pregnant or without carrying a child, button the scarf on both shoulders for a chic look. Or button one end of the scarf on the left or right shoulder buttons when you want extra protection for
your neck.

To create a head rest for your child, fold the scarf in two and fasten the shoulder buttons. The scarf will shelter your child from cold winds as well. Use MaM Babywearing Dickey for extra protection between you two.

Material: Outside 100% wool, inside 100% cotton (Öko-Tex)

Made in the EU. 

Sizing: According to your height
Size 1 up to about 165 cm
Size 2 up to about 185 cm


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