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Baby carriers are a quick and easy way to carry newborns to four-year-olds (from 3,5 kg all the way to approximately 20 kilos). The carriers we offer are carefully chosen to be ergonomic for both parent and child.

MaMidea is the official Scandinavian distributor of the Manduca Baby- and Kidcarriers which are hugely popular among parents because of their special design, unique features, organic materials, and because children love them too! Take a look at the accessories and achieve an even fuller babywearing experience. 

Soon you notice that the stroller is forgotten in a corner of the garage gathering dust, while you experience the exceptional freedom of walking on small forest trails, watching and listening to the song of birds, seeing the river flowing beneath the green hills, and feeding little squirrels with a happy child laughing on your back.

From summer to winter and from year to year. Love and joy. Togetherness. True life.



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 Amazonas Mei Tai  Amazonas Mei Tai

Amazonas Mei Tai Asian type baby carrier



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 Amazonas Smart Carrier  Amazonas Smart Carrier

Easy carrier

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 Amazonas Ultra-light Smart Carrier  Amazonas Ultra-light Smart Carrier

Ultra-light carrier

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 Amazonas Vento  Amazonas Vento

Thermo-regulating inlay for baby carriers

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 manduca ExTend  manduca ExTend

ExTend extender for carrying a todler

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 manduca First BROWN  manduca First BROWN

Ergonomic baby and child carrier

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 Manduca First HempCotton  Manduca First HempCotton

Ergonomic baby and child carrier

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 Manduca First LimitedEdition  Manduca First LimitedEdition

manduca carrier, limited edition

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 Manduca First PureCotton  Manduca First PureCotton

Ergonomic baby and child carrier

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 manduca Fumbee  manduca Fumbee

manduca Fumbee Strap Protector 2 pcs

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 manduca Pouch  manduca Pouch  19,95 

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 manduca Size-It  manduca Size-It  11,95 

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 Manduca XT  Manduca XT  159,95 

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 manduca ZipIn  manduca ZipIn

New look to your carrier

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 manduca ZipIn Ellipse  manduca ZipIn Ellipse

Functional ZipIn


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01.Manduca First HempCotton
02.manduca Fumbee
03.manduca Size-It
04.manduca Pouch
05.Manduca First PureCotton
06.Manduca First LimitedEdition
07.Amazonas Mei Tai
08.manduca ExTend
09.manduca ZipIn
10.Amazonas Smart Carrier
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